Invite Alchemy

"Alchemy doesn't want to be muscled around. It wants to be invited in"

I often suffer from a fear that if I do not try to do everything, I will miss out on something. On that one experience that will change my perspective, or that one insight that will open it all up and lay it out for me, suddenly, in a beautiful simplicity.

But lately I’ve been reminded, over and over, that every action, each piece of information consumed needs at least a little space to follow.  Without spaciousness, there is no integration.  No chance for that transformation to occur. I’m learning that alchemy doesn’t want to be muscled around.  It wants to be invited in.

So I’ve been collecting notes.  Practicing sitting with what is.

It’s slow in coming.  But the mind rests now where it did not before.

Here are some of my notes

Alchemy Notes

Tools to invite the pieces of the day to be combined & smoothed into something valuable

  • Make time to celebrate, in small ways.  All of it.
  • Really taste warmth and nourishment of simple ingredients simmered together and served in a bowl.
  • Permission to sit and notice, without the necessity of acting.
  • Remembering truths that are shockingly unadorned and daring in their simplicity…
    • “Savasana is where the alchemy happens”
    • “What if there’s nothing to figure out”
  • Pens and notebooks resting on the wooden tables, paint worn mostly off from the rain.
  • The new experience of breathe through your body after a yoga class.
  • Relishing the contrast of the senses that provide complexity.  Sweet & Savory.  Expansion within Containment.  The rush of sound alternated with quiet peace.
  • The way liquid finds ways to seep through the solid.